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Global Media Collaboration

We have the ability to provide global marketing services for quality blockchain projects, more than 100,000 financial influncers have regular promotion cooperation with us, we can make the world know and use your product in a short time, try to communicate with our PM to get free promotion plan for your project.

Our Services

Global Marketing Management

We use programmatic advertising and key opinion leaders in social media around the world to consistently generate buzz and attention for your projects.

Programmatic Ad Management

We use accurate advertising to bring precise investors to the project, and localized placement materials will provide more trust for the project.

Social Media Ad Management

With over 100,000 influencers from around the world who will impact all corners, viral marketing requires only one topic to make your project impact the world.

Community Management

Official social media requires consistent posting of quality content to keep the program active and credible, especially when it comes to leading public opinion.

What Our Client Say

We have provided long-term advertising and media management services for a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, NFT trading platforms, blockchain games and other companies.

Coinrizon has a lot of resources in the social media space, which has helped us gain a lot of users in North America in a very short period of time.
an exchange currency platform
Coinrizon has become part of our team, helping us with our marketing efforts and allowing us to focus on technology development, it' s a great partnership!
blockchain develop team
Very good experience working with coinrizon, if you need they can even do simultaneous offline promotions in two countries 6000KM apart, very well executed.
crypto wallet
Although coinrizon only works with a very small number of projects each year, they don't turn down some investment-worthy projects that are just starting out.
crypto Coin team

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