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Social Media Promote

NFT Product

We conducted a social media marketing campaign for an NFT project in the North American market, with 50 KOLs posting relevant promotional videos in a week’s time, resulting in over 80,000 new users and $5 million in new transactions.

“Quality influencers can bring a strong sense of trust and are a very good promotion channel for NFT products, thanks to Coinrizon’s work and hope we can work together for a long time.”

Mary Kate
Marketing Director of NFT Product


Crypto Currency

We provided a social media user growth solution for a cryptocurrency exchange and implemented it for over 1 year. 300,000 customers from different countries became users of the platform through promoted videos and targeted ads, and over 10% of the new users traded on the platform.

“The cooperation with coinrizon was a new attempt and the result was a very obvious success. Although we had tried to operate our own social media promotion, we lacked experience in MCN, marketing, content, etc. compared to coinrizon, so we preferred to let coinrizon do the professional promotion.”

Anna Grace
Director of Trade Platform


Metaverse Game

We provided an initial promotion package for a metaverse game that included a launch, and in 30 days the currency price increased by 290% and over 1,000 users purchased the product.

“The Coinrizon team has over 15 years of experience in game production and distribution, which surprised me how easily that experience allowed us to agree on a collaborative process, and even our user community and launch videos were produced by Coinrizon, which is great!”

Billy Joe
Manager of Metaverse Game

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